An innovator, thinker, strategist

A fighter, cancer survivor, disruptor

An automotive enthusiast, investor, leader

A great friend, philanthropist, and awesome person.

About Paris

Paris Song is a thinker, strategist, writer, cancer survivor, automotive enthusiast, coffee addict, and die-hard Formula One fan. Her work across multiple disciplines offers her perspective and experience as an insightful businesswoman and a brilliant mind. 


Paris founded her first company at age 13. When her father’s friend’s sporting goods company filed for bankruptcy, she purchased all remaining inventory with an IOU. A gifted negotiator, Paris understood the strength of her position in buying from a failed company. She successfully distributed all products to six retailers and two wholesalers at a significant margin, thereby starting her business career. 


Paris is an automotive enthusiast with a vision for change in the automotive industry—in both retail distribution and manufacturing. She earned the nickname Audigirl in various forums while promoting Audi’s first electric vehicle, the e-tron. She worked as a general sales manager at an Audi dealership and has written several books during her tenure. Her perspective on the automotive industry is well-articulated in her latest book, Modern Dealership.


An incorrigible workaholic, Paris believes work is what she does for fun. She is a cancer survivor, and her most prized possession is a clean PET scan result that she received in April 2023. She lives in Northern California, where one can find her blazing down I-880 in her Audi e-tron GT or San Marino Blue M4.

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